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No One Loves You Back. (Dream Song #2)

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No One Loves You Back. (Dream Song #2)

Postby 777arkV » Thu Oct 27, 2016 10:20 pm

In my dreaming, I sometimes hear songs.
Understand, I "hear" it.
It is so clear, and so professional, when I wake up, I search for the lyrics,
absolutely convinced it was a real song that I had heard at some point somewhere.
Turns out they aren't, and they are original songs that are created in whole in my dreams.

True story.

This is the 2nd song thats happened for.
It had a country / bluegrass sound to it.
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"What happened to Dream Song #1?"

The 1st time this happened it caught me off guard.
So I only remembered one line of it.
Id need to reconstruct the whole song from that line.
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