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Have Words, Will Travel!

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In my perfect world, I am a teacher in a Christian school,
I am an author that writes books during vacations and weekends,
and I travel in the summer as a public speaker.

Currently none of those three things have been actualized.
(I did finish my 1st book (The Apologue of Rydar), publishing is still a slow project in progress.)
I now address the third of them…

I am interested in public speaking.
However, my interest in talking is of no use without people who are interested in listening to what I have to say,
or at the very least capable of enduring hearing me talk.
So, if such a person is you, and you are a part of such a group that may… please contact me,
and we will see what can be understood and worked out.

You may assume that any content written by me here in my site, is something I could present in front of a group.
This would range from telling children stories to children, to explaining my perspectives on the current theosociopolitical status of the world.

However, to be candid, I am starting off not on even the bottom rung to this ladder, but on the ground.
Unless God grants me the blessing of donations that come pouring in, I could not even afford travel expenses,
and with things being as they are now-a-days, Its unlikely Id fly anywhere even if funds were available to do so.
Also, while I’ve been told I am charismatic, personable and speak well in front of people,
I have not ever done so with that being the whole and entire purpose of why I am present before a group of people.

So someone will need to have equal parts curiosity, courage and generosity to make my first ever public speaking event an actuality.
I am looking forward to who this person , and who this group, and what they may want to hear me speak to them about is.

No group too small!

Until the next…

All His Best Blessings to You and Yours,

777ark Vicari †
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